By minimizing the phase difference between the parameters, we minimize the reactive powers that damage electrical systems.
We plan your energy management systems to reduce energy losses, increase efficiency, save energy and reduce costs.
We ensure that life continues safely with our electrical control and protection systems that we will apply to your business.
In order to ensure energy efficiency in your business, we examine the current situation and report it with energy measurement analysis.


Grup Arge Energy and Control Systems

Grup Arge Energy and Control Systems is an R&D company founded in 2009 by experts in the field. As a result of the field and R&D experiences acquired in the field of energy for many years, the success we achieved with Smart SVC compensation systems, which was first issued in 2009 in order to produce a permanent and definitive solution to reactive energy problems, continues to increase further with our innovative and user-friendly products.

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Get things done easier and faster with SmartPOWER Energy Management System.

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