Who Are We?

Grup Arge Energy and Control Systems is an R&D company founded in 2009 by experts in the field. As a result of the field and R&D experiences acquired in the field of energy for many years, the success we achieved with Smart SVC compensation systems, which was first issued in 2009 in order to produce a permanent and definitive solution to reactive energy problems, continues to increase further with our innovative and user-friendly products.

Uncontrolled consumption of energy resources, which are limited globally, makes the importance of energy efficiency even more important. In order to leave a more livable environment for future generations and to prevent waste of energy, we prioritize our activities in this field and develop products by taking these values into consideration. In addition, we are taking all necessary steps for a production and R&D infrastructure that can represent our country in the best way by increasing our production quality.

Our Mission

Being aware of domestic and national production, we know that it is a debt to contribute to the national economy with the products we have developed. We are trying to fulfill our duty as a company that produces and develops technology and not following technology on the way to build the bright Turkey of the future.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to keep our energy at the highest level, to focus on growth both in our country and abroad and to provide a unique added value with a reliable and transparent working approach.
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What Are We Doing?

Power Factor Correction

We provide complete and permanent solutions to reactive energy problems in enterprises with our innovative and smart products, thus contributing to the reduction of production and distribution infrastructure costs as well as avoiding reactive energy costs.

Energy Measurement and Control

In order to increase the energy efficiency of the enterprises, we provide different solutions with products that provide instantaneous intervention with the measurements of healthy energy and remote controllable devices.

Energy Monitoring and Management

We provide energy management with our products that enable the monitoring of energy consumption in enterprises through web-based systems instantly from all devices with internet access and intervening when necessary. Our system, which is used to monitor electricity consumption, is continuously developed and offers different services such as natural gas, water and generator monitoring.

Us in Numbers

We continue to be the pioneer of the sector with our expert staff, completed projects and many years of experience.

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Years of Experience
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