Monitoring Software


SmartPOWER Web is a web-based energy management system for energy data collection, consumption analysis and automation over the internet.

With RS-485, RS-232 or optical port connections, metersrelaysanalyzers and many Modbus RTU communication devices can be connected to GPRS or Ethernet terminals. No configuration and static IP required. Installation is completed in minutes with Plug and Play feature.

The terminals transfer the data to a server via internet connection and store the data on the server. You can monitor your data instantly and control your devices from your phone, tablet or computer with internet connection without having to install programs from anywhere.

You can analyze the reactive ratios on the graph and perform many other operations such as detection of problems, phase failure, voltage drop / rise, deterioration of meter current transformers or remote control of your relay in real time.

You can follow up invoices by defining tariffs, report active / reactive consumption and print out in different formats. You will be notified by email and SMS by defining special alarms.

With the flexible user authorization system, you can create and authorize downstream users.

It has a user-friendly interface. Visual graphically-powered reports allow simple comparisons and analysis. With the business view, you can create groups and subgroups to group your businesses to review and make comparisons among themselves.


SmartPOWER PC is an economical solution with simpler features. Available with a one-time license. No monthly or annual subscription is required. Saves server and terminal costs. All you need is a computer with a USB / RS-485 converter. Since Ethernet communication is not required, it is not designed according to ethernet protocol.

The software was developed to help solve your basic energy problems. You can manage the energy of a large enterprise or manage only one measuring point.

SmartPower PC is easy to set up and use. No modem or network connection required. Stores data on your computer. With a USB / RS-485 converter, you can start monitoring devices with serial connection.

With the current version of SmartPOWER PC software, only relays and analyzers produced by Grup Arge can be monitored. SmartPOWER Web service is recommended for other brand devices and meter monitoring.

  • Real-time data collection,
  • Data reporting, graphing and document outputs in tabular form,
  • Reporting between two selected dates,
  • Consumed energy and instant values of the selected device,
  • Ability to add Modbus compatible devices,
  • Zone identification via port,
  • Remote configuration of measuring devices,
  • Ability to access the writable registers of the devices,
  • Alarm identification (Reactive Limit Exceeding, Communication, Voltage),
  • Desktop notifications for alarms,
  • Instant monitoring of desired parameters of selected devices.