Classical Relays

Smart reactive power control relays can respond to the reactive energy needs in the enterprises where the loads in the plant are not variable and the load unbalance between the phases is removable with a few monophase steps. Depending on the number of steps required by the enterprise, an effective result can be obtained by choosing the appropriate one of our 12 or 18 steps smart reactive power control relays.

Smart Reactive Power Control Relays
  • 3 mA detection current
  • High precision power measurement
  • Power Flow Chart showing reactive power profile
  • Extends step life with step aging
  • Automatic step test to keep current step values

It produces economical and permanent solutions for your business with these features.

Product Detail

Product Code Product Name Product Description Step Count Character LCD Graphic LCD SVC Reactive Power Profile RS-485 Communication TSC
GA 110 SMART 12* 12 STEPS SMART RELAY 12 + + +
GA 122 SMART 18* 18 STEPS SMART RELAY 18 + + +

*These products will be discontinued after a certain period of time.

Product Code Product Name Product Description Step Count 7-Segment (3×4) Graphic LCD TFT Color Display SVC Reactive Power Profile RS-485 Communication
GA 1101 RKR 12 12 STEPS REACTIVE RELAY 12 + + +
GA 1102 RKR 18 18 STEPS REACTIVE RELAY 18 + + +
GA 1103 RKR 24 24 STEPS REACTIVE RELAY 24 + + +

Standard Features in our Reactive Relays: 3 Phase Measurement, MonoPhase / DiPhase / TriPhase Capacitor / Reactor Recognition, Cos Phi, Active Power, 3 mA Sensing Current, Reactive Power, Active Energy, Reactive Energy, THD-I%